As an executive coach and advisor, over the years I have been fortunate to work with some of the most successful leaders in the industry today.

Being a leader in today’s business climate is challenging from technological changes, a multicultural and multigenerational workforce, the changing attitudes of customers, disruption, and the speed at which change is occurring.  

Today’s leaders must be agile and focused in order to navigate and lead organizations in an environment that is in constant flux.

As a management consultant, I have real-world experiences from managing mergers and acquisitions of global organizations to advising fledgling entrepreneurs of start-ups. I understand the challenges you face in today’s marketplace.  

I also know all too well the real-life demands of an executive leader from working 80+ hour weeks, traveling across time zones, multiple meetings, and the impact that lifestyle can have on your personal life.

That’s why I have created a holistic approach in helping executives find the delicate balance of achieving their professional goals while maintaining a vibrant personal life.

I recognize first and foremost that you are a human being and together we will focus on how much attention you give to your body in terms of nutrition, sleep, exercise, diet, and health, along with any spiritual practice, and your psychological and sociological makeup – all the dimensions that make you human.

I compare those needs to the requirements you need to meet as a leader of your organization and the expectations of stakeholders within the organization.  

Together, we create a framework that will move you through a process that allows you to naturally transform your leadership behavior and reach your goals.

As we are moving along this path from call to call, meeting to meeting, any number of things can come up in or outside work that we have to address and get out of the way so we can continue to make progress.

I recognize that life can get messy and obstacles can get in the way. I provide you with tools that help you manage these disruptions without derailing your overall goals.  

Ultimately, what you believe and why you believe it affects the way you show up as a leader day to day.

I believe that there must be a high level of trust between you, as my client, and me.  That’s why everything you share with me is confidential.

Another factor is maintaining a calm demeanor and that I show up in a way that is consistent with the advice I give you– being in a responsive and not reactive state to create a sense of trust and safety.

I don’t believe there are bad people but there is definitely bad behavior.

I believe people want to do their best work and it’s up to the leadership of an organization to create an environment where people can be effective and their best possible selves.

Leaders today must have a high level of compassion and empathy for those who work for them. Historically, what we have wanted from leaders is their intellect, but now we are shifting fundamentally from the brain is the master to having their gut and intuition be the master, with the brain subordinate. The heart is where they meet.

One of the core foundations of my coaching method is conscious leadership. The “conscious piece” is that leaders must be aware and awake to who they are and how they are showing up to the world so that they, in turn, can enable all other people in their organizations to be conscious, awake and aware.  

Do we show up to respond to the world from a place of fear or from trust and love? My leadership work is centered on helping you recognize the value of choosing love and trust, the higher state of consciousness, over fear, the lower state of consciousness and I provide you with helpful tools and resources.

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